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Thank you so much for taking this “Journey” with me! I hope that the Journey experience is as enjoyable for you as it has been for me. Listening to Journey is like taking a trip through many of life’s experiences as the songs are performed in some of my favorite genres of music such as contemporary jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, neo-soul and contemporary worship. This Journey CD project is just the beginning of one incredible Journey after another, so let’s buckle for the ride. Grateful and honored that you chose to join me!




Candace Devaney and Proclaim are a fresh wind blowing into the community. They have blessed Victoria's Friends with their original songs and angelic voices. Our spirits soar and leap to great heights as these anointed ladies bless our events. Journey CD is a must hear for all! Each song has a special message for the body of Christ! I am truly inspired by this amazing group! 


Victoria Teague, Founder & Director of Victoria's Friends, Suwanee, Georgia



I love, love, love the Journey CD! It is so great and spirit filled my friend. It is so good! 


Kim Gravel, Kim of Queens, Atlanta, Georgia



I listen to the Journey CD on the highway traveling to work in the mornings!  It reminds me that God is is my source and that I am here to do his work, as "Fly Away" says "the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few"!  A great reminder each day!  I've shared the CD with co-workers, friends and family! 


Lisa B., St. Peters, Missouri



Journey! What a beautiful CD! I love every song from 1-10 on the Journey CD. “Love Your Soul” helps me to see a person for what they are on the inside and not just an outward appearance. It’s so upbeat it makes me want to dance!! War Cry lets me know that I have the VICTORY in each and every battle I'm in!! Candace, you knocked it out of the park with this CD! 


Betty S., Ellenwood, Georgia



Candace, your CD is awesome! While working out I was listening to your CD. I couldn’t focus on my work-out because I got all into the music. Needless to say, my hour workout took 2 hours LOL! Your music is very inspirational and touching. I especially like Journey “London’s Song” and I understand the meaning of that song. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your “Journey”. I love it!


Karen S., Lawrenceville, Georgia



Candace Devaney is a genius! Journey is fresh, innovative and inspiring.


Annie D., Decatur, Georgia



Candace is not only a gifted vocalist and songwriter, but her love for the Lord and passion for people shines through in every track of Journey. I get something different every time I listen….worship, praise,  encouragement, transparency, boldness. This is a project for every circumstance and season.


Amy G., Cumming, Georgia



Journey is an experience. Candace Devaney successfully takes us on an exploration of life, faith, and love as she captures up our hearts with her timeless music and lyrics. Candace’s vocals are captivating and powerful, revealing truth and offer hope to a world in need.


Christine Bowen, True Witness,

Douglasville, Georgia



worship, but touches the deepest spots within the heart! With From the first track to the last, Journey not only excites the ear with sounds ranging from jazzy soul to contemporary soul stirring lyrics and rich vocal tones, Candace Devaney provides an extraordinary ride through her Journey… she ushered me into my own!


Dawn A., Lawrenceville, Georgia



Being around Candace is always an uplifting experience. The CD Journey is an extension of Candace’s God given talent that uplifts, inspires and awakens one’s soul.


Anonymous Friend, Atlanta, Georgia



Thanks for gifting the world with “Journey”. It is truly an inspiration to me. The entire CD is amazing. However, this week I have “War Cry” and “I am Your Beauty” on constant replay! Thanks again for sharing your talent with us. God bless!


Alnita K., Powder Springs, Georgia


We are all on a Journey through life. My wish is that everyone should be on a Journey of doing somethng that matters. Candace, you have outdone yourself in doing something that matters. What a blessing!!! 


Steven B., Westport, Connecticut



is a big deal for me because rarely is there a CD that I don’t skip over a few songs. Of coOkay, I’ve been listening to the “Journey” CD all day. Overall, I have not skipped over any of the songs which urse I am not a producer, but I truly love your CD. I love the versatility, the lyrics and arrangements. I even like the order that you put them in. I have been listening to it all day and I am not tired of it yet. I get an attitude when I sing along to #10 “The Way of Love”!  “Love is patience, love is kiiiiiind…it does not envy boast or lie”… I want to buy a couple more to share with others!


Lisa D., Lawrenceville, Georgia



I received your CD today and I think of it as a blessing because a feeling to praise our Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit comes in. I feel thankful, joyful and very blessed after listening to the singing, lyrics and the music. Fantastic CD!


Sandy E., Brooklyn, New York



Hey that is a beautiful CD and it sounds really superb and professional! 


David W., Terre Haute, Indiana



Journey CD – My riding music!!! Great job Aunty!


Tiffany C., East Chicago, Indiana



Woke up this morning a little tired after being up most of the night doing outreach ministry, so I put on Candace Devaney’s CD, Journey. What a beautiful way to start my day! Candace Devaney you are so anointed and such a blessed girl!!!! Peter Devaney you are a blessing too! I love you both!


Dianne P., Cumming, Georgia



Girl! “Good Life” is OFF THE CHAIN! You did this thing! “The Way of Love” – Awesomeness! Praise God! He used you in a mighty way! I’m SO happy for you and proud of you! Looking forward to great things to come!


Yvonne O.S., San Antonio, Texas



The Journey CD is just beautiful! It really touched my heart. I could hear the emotion in your voice and your love for God. 


Mary J. S., Canajoharie, New York



This is my sister/friend Candace Devaney. My husband and I would love to thank you Candace and Peter first of all for being awesome friends and ministry partners (long distance) family this is extended…. And for honoring us on the back of your CD. We are but servants of our Lord Jesus Christ called to the office and position that He anointed us in. It was both our honor and duty in Christ Jesus to have been at your and Peter’s service in Christ Jesus. Toba Raba (thank you) for just being you both (and London and Tyson) and for loving us just the way we are. You have been on a Journey and will continue to do for….for our King…. We love you all immensely and it is our honor and privilege to be on this Journey with you.


Kat and Tony R., Spring, Texas



Candace has such a beautiful voice and is an incredibly anointed Woman of God! I feel so blessed that she shared her “Journey” in life through her music. Every song spoke to me in such a special way – of where I am now, and where my life is headed. Also reminding me that God is ALWAYS with me. As I listened to each song I said “ooooh THIS one is my favorite – they are ALL awesome! My absolute favorite is “War Cry” because reminds me of a very special person in my life. Thank you Candace – I love you!


Mary L. M., Cumming, Georgia



You delivered this from your heart! Thank you for making yourself available for the Master’s use. 


Glenda M., Athens, Alabama



The Journey CD has truly opened my eyes and my soul to a whole genre of music…. I didn’t know I could love this much. Every song has a message and that’s the best part, knowing that there’s something great to look forward to in each and every song. It’s the music you want to put in your iPod playlist or on your cellphone and without all of the profanity and negativity. Even my teenagers love it from “War Cry” to “Good Life” the CD as a whole just makes you want to be a better person every day. You can’t just buy one because listening to it will make you think of someone else that also needs it so pay if forward…


Yolanda G., Dallas, Georgia



Journey left me feeling uplifted and encouraged! Although I enjoyed all the songs, “Fly Away” is my favorite!


Nica C., Upper Marlboro, Maryland


I got to listen to your CD last night. The CD is wonderful and amazing. I enjoyed and loved listening to the words of each one of your songs. They hit home and are so very true to God’s Word and plans. I was truly blessed and touched by them. I do have favorites that I play over and ove

I got to listen to your CD last night. The CD is wonderful and amazing. I enjoyed and loved listening to the words of each one of your songs. They hit home and are so very true to God’s Word and plans. I was truly blessed and touched by them. I do have favorites that I play over and over. Continue on your Journey with God and your music ministry. May God continue to bless you and your family.  Love,r. Continue on your Journey with God and your music ministry. May God continue to bless you and your family.  Love,

Vivian O., Camby, Indiana



This Journey CD has been a blessing to me and my family! It allows me to be free in Christ as a Believer. Grateful to be a part of this Journey with Proclaim!

Pamela B., Tifton, Georgia



Wow Candace! Your CD is very inspirational and uplifting! I believe it will touch many lives, and to have had the experience to hear it live was amazing!


Albert M., Athens, Alabama


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