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Journey CD Release Coming March 28, 2015

These past couple of weeks have been so surreal for me as we get closer to the release of “Journey”, my debut album. I am bursting with excitement and so grateful for what God has entrusted me to do on His behalf. It has been an incredible Journey to get this far into the whole process, and I have grown spiritually, personally and professionally as an artist.

Where I have grown most spiritually is in realizing that we should not allow anyone or anything get in the way of what God has called us to do or be. I let self-doubt hold me back for far too many years of my walk with God and my musical ambitions. I never felt good enough to create and publish a musical work for the general public to hear. I would listen to other professional artists that I felt had a better gifting than God had given to me, and it would push me even further away from walking into my destiny. I had to learn that it was the enemy who I had allowed to place this hold on me. I had allowed him to keep whispering in my ear that I just was not good enough. Thank you God for the power of deliverance and the spirit of surrender! I was delivered and set free from this bondage in late 2013, and by April 2014 I was in the studio writing, recording and producing Journey! Thank you for allowing me to share part of my Journey with you and I will be back soon to share even more of this incredible experience!

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