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Not Everyone Is Intended For Your Journey

When I think back over my life and reflect on the great friendships I’ve had, it gives me a grateful heart to know that someone thought enough of me to call me friend. However, in past years I used to assume that a good friend is a friend for life. Well, I have now lived long enough to begin to understand that friendships have reasons and seasons and very, very few will be in your life for life.

My lifelong friends are friends that I don’t get to speak with or see very often, but when we connect it is like we last spoke yesterday. We haven’t skipped a beat! These friends of mine are unassumingly giving, non-judgmental, not measuring of how much time I spend with others instead of them, not expecting a gift at every life celebration, and respecters of my need to replenish. I have old friends that I miss and wish it could be like it used to be, and I also have past friends that I am grateful God removed from my life.

I believe it is good to pray about your relationships and ask God to show you what role your friends have on your Journey. I have not done this in the past, but I am taking my own advice going forward. When God removes someone from your life, do not go back and try to re-establish that relationship. I have done this twice and it has ended terribly both times. Think of it this way, God is moving some friends out of the way for new ones.

Examine your relationships and make sure that your friends are liked-minded in Christ, those who inspire you to be a better person, those who are honest with you when you need it most, and those who don’t expect too much of you to depletion of yourself. Love & Blessings, Candace

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