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Journey to Surrender

God has a way of reminding you just how much you really need Him. I could not have survived these past four months if God was not sustaining me. Although I have been in great expectation for what God had planned for me on this uncharted and welcomed Journey, I was under no means expecting it to be easy. It has been harder than I could have ever prepared myself for, especially financially. My husband also owns his own business, so we live in the land of “feast or famine” most times. No matter how well you manage your money, some things are just out your control. This leads you back to the key understanding that God is in control not us, and that we have to rely on Him for everything!

I have been living in the Word more than ever, while in the refiner’s fire being transformed. It has been very hard getting Veracity off the ground and earning a sustainable income. We have found ourselves coming to the end of our savings and it gets a bit scary at times. I am working my way to complete surrender of our situation and allowing God to be God. This can be hard when you are typically a doer and fixer, but God will let you stay in the valley until you get it – embracing your place. I am picking this burden back up less often because it gets too heavy to carry. While I have been waiting for a breakthrough, God has been waiting for me to leave it all on the altar. Pray for me….

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