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Uncharted & Welcomed Journey

Have you ever found yourself in an anticipated place but just not when you expected to be there? That is what happened to me today. I went to work after taking a day off yesterday to celebrate my 14th wedding anniversary, and immediately experienced a strange spirit when I got to my desk. As the morning progressed I realized that it would be my last day at that work place. I suddenly found myself feeling excited, anxious, betrayed, expectant, and just not quite ready. What a mess of emotions!

Let me give you a little history. I had only been working there for 1.5 years and I was so completely miserable the entire last year I was there. I knew that I would not be there long because I was on the same unfulfilling treadmill that I had been for the past two decades. My drive to work took just over an hour each way and I would often find myself praising God, while at the same time praying and crying for my release. I began to pray about my next step and God showed me that I would start my own business again. However, He said it will be different this time because I would not do all the work myself; instead I would employ others to help provide for their families. In February of this year I asked God for a company name that meant something good, and He gave me the name “Veracity”.

As I packed my things today, said goodbye to my co-workers and started my drive home, it dawned on me that God had just answered my prayers. I was entering a “uncharted and welcomed Journey”. Time to buckle up again!

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